Our core competency is the ability to merge strategies, tactics, tools, activities and channels, to establish with media outlets and stakeholder relations capable of translating every action of communication in a strategic leverage  for the company. Our history, large and small brands we’ve worked on, and our experience and sensitivity allow us to quickly identify the strengths and the news-worth elements of each company, thus elaborating the key messages and transferring them to the target audience in a more incisive way, whether journalists, consumers, employees, institutions or users B2B.

We support our customers in achieving their communication and business objectives and foster dialog between brand and consumers that in the current scenario want and expect an extremely attentive interaction and listening. We help companies to develop and implement PR campaigns focused on the organization role in a context which is not only economic but also social and ethical. We take care of institutional and product communication. We also develop internal communication plans aimed to strengthen cohesion and support customers in develop crisis management plans.


We have a division dedicated to support the client’s commercial communication by means of campaigns and projects aimed to foster sales to potential customers and increase existing customers’ loyalty. We develop ad-hoc actions including smaller to bigger events, direct marketing campaigns, incentives, sport and cultural sponsorships, equipment and collaterals for exhibitions, text and video case studies, company literature.

Digital PR

In a continuously evolving media scenario where engagement and conversations with the target audiences can – and must – take place in multiple physical and digital places, traditional PR alone are no longer enough. Theoria helps its customers to take part to the discussion with the influencers in the interconnected world, by identifying the most influential ones thanks to our relationships and skills and to the most advanced technology for monitoring conversations in the network.


When it comes to talk to all the stakeholders or communicate in a direct way strong and strategic messages to the target audience, company executives are not always prepared to meet the evolving expectations of an audience that today more than ever needs to be reassured about an uncertain future. We support company executives with the following services:

Executive Platform Development: creation of talking points in line with company strengths and brand identity.
Execution: speaking opportunity evaluation and selection for company executives.
Counseling: company executives media and public speaking training.


Our focus and strength is the skill to develop suitable content for brand communication which owns emotional and narrative value for the target audience, regardless of the media through which it is spread (traditional, unconventional, digital, social). We are specialized in:

Create contagious ideas/Brand Story and pitch them with target audience.
Trigger conversations and react to these, by stimulating dialogue and engagement aimed to make the audience create new stories.
Decline a Brand Story into a Media Story with different angles according to the target.