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  • Anni Azzurri


Anni Azzurri is an amazing Italian company entirely focused on the care of the elderly, and part of the Kos Group. Anni Azzurri owns over 40 residences dedicated to the elderly in 7 regions in central and northern Italy (Lombardy, Liguria, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Veneto, Tuscany and Marche) for a total of more than 4000 beds and over 2000 employees.


We were inspired by the beautiful James Marsh movie “The Theory of Everything”, which tells the story of Stephen Hawking, a famous physicist, astrophysicist and cosmologist capable of overcoming obstacles of all kinds in his long life, often generated by the inability to communicate with the surrounding world. We completely redesigned the Anni Azzurri website, with the aim of communicating to families in a completely new and different way.


Theoria multidisciplinary team managed with the client the complete restyling of the anniazzurri.it website, creating a real story that winds through the online pages to provide information for the elderly and their families dealing with the choice of a retirement home. Using all the existing storytelling techniques, both in text and video formats, we created an actual web novel, capable of sharing, in a reassuring and pleasant tone, all the necessary intel. It was a beautiful and rewarding journey, that we made with our client.

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