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We simplify the management of all aspects of communication in order to improve their effectiveness. We suggest strategies to direct the many hues and complexities of communication. We manage complex projects by activating synergic resources, vision and experimentation. We help clients reach the forefront of their individual industries, relying on our responsibility, competence and experience.
Complete and integrated consultancy to suggest the best actions and tools in order to improve brand perception, leveraging the whole communication mix.

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8 April 2020

A video reporter on the field

In this episode of the Theoria Talks in the days of Coronavirus, our friend and LaPresse agency video reporter Stefano Bertolino tells us how the profession of journalists changed at the time of Covid-19.

“Doing this job well to me…

3 April 2020

“Giving up” in the time of Covid-19

On the third appointment with Theoria Talks, the psychologist and psychotherapist Ilenia Sussarellu talks about the difficulty of elaborating the experience of forced imprisonment due to the emergency and the problems that are emerging in many of us.

The central…

19 March 2020

Coronavirus, a reading with the glasses of Theory of Constraints

In this moment of forced imprisonment due to the coronavirus emergency, we asked customers, partners, friends to share interventions that help us support the moment and, together, to deepen important issues taking advantage of more time available. The first…

26 February 2020

We have been working from home for 4 years …

On these days of concern about Coronavirus many companies were encouraged to choose remote working for the first time, often finding themselves unprepared. At Theoria we have been working from home for 4 years, clearly governed by a shared…

30 September 2019

Theoria organizes the 2nd edition of Skybox Security Partner

Theoria organized the second edition of Skybox Security Partner on 26 and 27 September in Milano Marittima.

10 partners, 30 guests, 2 refresher sessions: these are the numbers of the annual meeting signed by Skybox Security which saw the partners…

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Theoria is a team of people passionate about their work with diversified skills, ranging from Public Relations, to Marketing, to Social, to Digital PR. Each project is a new challenge for us, which we face together with the customer with enthusiasm and dedication.

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