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23 July 2020

From threat to opportunity. The communication of automobile.it during the COVID-19 emergency

The COVID-19 emergency has literally stopped the world. The automotive market was among the hardest hit and many businesses suffered a forced shutdown, including dealers. So also the brands operating in this sector have had to rethink their marketing and communication strategies.

With the support of Theoria, automobile.it managed to revise its strategy flexibly and immediately, identifying its new positioning as a reference point for motorists during the most critical phase of the emergency and giving life to concrete and positive communication .

automobile.it and Theoria have jointly developed a content plan and in March and April the site for used, new, Km 0 and rental cars owned by the eBay group obtained media coverage of 260 articles , of which 42 with direct link to the site and 2 TV passages. With all the campaigns deactivated, the PR activity carried out by Theoria helped to obtain 8.5k visits to the site during the lockdown months.


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