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5 November 2020

LIVEready by Theoria brings to life the stop-over in Milan of the Digital Dealer Tour by automobile.it

automobile.it has moved online its training tour addressed to automotive Dealers and relied on Theoria’s LIVEready to create an event that is more real than reality itself

Digital Dealer Tour is a travelling training project – free and by invitation only – specifically created by automobile.it for the Italian automotive Dealers. The event aims at supporting the automotive Dealers within the inevitable Digital Transformation process, involving changes in all tech, culture, social, creative, and managerial aspects of the company.

The tour is structured as a shared path. With the support of the most innovative digital companies in the field, it offers to Dealers sparks, solutions, and ideas.

The traditional physical tour was hardly challenged by the new restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 emergency. However, automobile.it didn’t want to miss the chance to go ahead with this project, even if just virtually. That’s why the company relied on Theoria for its stop-over in Milan on November 4th: LIVEready allowed the best digital presence ever and helped automobile.it to realize a virtual live-streamed event full of insights, tips, and suggestions.

LIVEready is the format for online events developed by Theoria. It helps to preserve the brand image thanks to a mix of audio technology, video, lights, powerful and updated streaming, a flexible and customizable set, and a choice of content and direction that matches any media you want to address.

Find out more about LIVEready by Theoria here.

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