13 December 2019

Theoria Christmas Party 2019. This year we are the first to PARTY

Exceptional guests @theShowisyou @camihawke @AliceLikeAudrey Piano and voice performance by @ChiaraGaliazzo, who presented his new single “L’Ultima Canzone del Mondo”.

A Christmas Party that we will not forget so easily, the one that saw Theoria and Show Reel Media Group bring the glasses together for the first Christmas toast of 2019. To celebrate with us, some of the most important artists and content creators of the Italian digital scenario.

On YouTube and Instagram they need no introduction, their most engaging campaigns speak for themselves. Here they are, the talents who gave their performances in front of all the guests and with their sympathy cheered the evening at The Warehouse event space:

theShow, a multi-faceted editorial channel dedicated to entertainment that focuses on telling “REALITY IN REALITY”, led by Alessandro Tenace and Alessio Stigliano.

Camihawke, content creator who, with his ironic tone of voice and the story of his “normality”, has become a media phenomenon inside and outside the web. He won Best Instagrammer at the Macchianera Internet Awards, spoke about social networks at the latest edition of TedX Rimini, and joined Carlo Cracco in the cooking show “Nella Mia Cucina” on Rai2.

Alice Venturi, aka AliceLikeAudrey, a make-up artist who has decided to share her life on the web. On TV, she is on the team of Detto Fatto (Rai2).

Chiara Galiazzo, one of the X-Factor 2012 winners, three albums to her credit, an incredible and powerful voice, has just released her new single, written with Mahmood and Katoo, “The Last Song of the World”, a song of deep love for most important person but also for our planet Earth, so in need of care and respect.

30 September 2019

Theoria organizes the 2nd edition of Skybox Security Partner

Theoria organized the second edition of Skybox Security Partner on 26 and 27 September in Milano Marittima.

10 partners, 30 guests, 2 refresher sessions: these are the numbers of the annual meeting signed by Skybox Security which saw the partners as protagonists, a key component for the company’s success on the market.

Theoria took care of the global organization of the event, which focused on updating the offer of Skybox Security.

Not even the fun was missing, between a dinner of grilled lobsters and an extravagant team building named CSI on the beach!

27 September 2019

Theoria wins with Cerved Next 2019 at the Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award

1 day, 40 international speakers, 30 workshops, 2000 people.

These are the numbers of the Cerved Next 2019 event, the most important Italian annual event on Data Driven Economy, whose realization (set-ups, logistics and global organization) has been entrusted to Theoria for the second consecutive year.

An event that was very different from the typical b2b events, that made us very proud and earned Theoria the 16th Press Outdoor & Promotion Key Award in the “B2B events” category.

An important achievement, highlighting the work of Theoria’s Events division, which, over the years, has carried out projects of all sizes for clients such as Adobe, Google, Cisco, Epson, Sandvik and of course Cerved, with which there is a collaboration that goes beyond the simple agency-client relationship.

1 September 2019

Theoria communicates the innovation of Casa.it

Casa.it, the site and the reference app for home seekers and Real Estate professionals, has chosen Theoria for strategic consultancy and communication management with the aim of strengthening relations with the company’s stakeholders.

In particular, Theoria will take care of PR and media relations activities to tell the story of the continuous innovation at Casa.it, aimed at responding more and more punctually to the real needs of people and real estate agents.

Born in 1996 from an all-Italian idea, Casa.it connects those who sell and rent with those looking for a house and it is today one of the leading Italian companies in digital Real Estate.

5 March 2019

Cerved Next: Theoria will also plan the second edition of the big Italian event on Data Driven Culture

More than 1600 people took part in the first edition of Cerved Next, the event dedicated to the pioneers of Data Driven Economy. The event is scheduled on 6 June 2019 at Megawatt Court, Milan. This year, too, it will be organized by Theoria. Big data, AI, fintech, credit management blockchain, customer centricity and digital marketing are the topics of a 1-day event that will be hosted by famous international speakers. 3000 awaited guests, entrepreneurs and managers of the administration and finance, marketing and sales, digital and innovation divisions of companies, financial firms and public administrations. A whole day dedicated to the future, full of inspirational speeches, workshops and demos. An event which could take place thanks to the close collaboration between Theoria and Cerved.

4 March 2019

Obicà Mozzarella Bar Group has chosen Theoria for their communication in Italy

Theoria was chosen by Obicà for public relations in Italy. Obicà Mozzarella Bar is a consolidated group of 24 restaurants, ten of which are located in Italy and 14 abroad, in the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan.

Obicà, which in Neapolitan dialect means “here it is”, is the brand that invented and first proposed in Italy the formula of mozzarella bar with kitchen, then successfully exporting it abroad. At the center of the Obicà offer, the quality of the Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP in its various forms, combined with the best traditional products of the Bel Paese in international environments with a welcoming and convivial atmosphere.

Theoria will manage the relations with the stakeholders of the group which has 600 employees, of which 300 in Italy, and achieves a global turnover of 40 million euros (2018 data).

18 February 2019

Simplehuman’s technology of the future communicates with Theoria

Simplehuman is a well-known American manufacturer of home products that combine beautiful designs with the most advanced technology. Simplehuman, famous all over the world for its innovative products for a smart home, has chosen Theoria to increase the brand awareness through an integrated communication project that includes the localization of some marketing contents, press office activities and product placement.

31 January 2019

Theoria celebrates 20 years and inaugurates its new venue

The new Theoria offices were launched by the exclusive and extravagant “Under Construction Party”, a hip hop performance of young dancers and the photographic exhibition “Metropoiesi” by the students of the Accademia di Brera. Moving into our new location co-occured with the celebration of the agency’s 20 years.

The new offices are located in a former paper warehouse of over 300 square meters which has been completely remodeled, maintaining the original industrial look. What we really loved about this space was the ‘work in progress’ atmosphere, which well reflects what a communication agency is being asked for today: never to stop, evolving at the increasingly accelerated pace of the world surrounding us.

For 20 years Theoria has constantly evolved together with consumer demands. Today we are a consulting firm capable of contributing to the achievement of our clients’ corporate objectives, governing the countless complexities of communication and using all the most advanced tools and techniques for establishing relations with markets and stakeholders.

Founded as an agency with a strong expertise in the tech sector, Theoria has maintained this distinguishing feature over time, expanding it to any company that needs to communicate innovation in any field: from technology to food, from travel to finance, from sports to arts.

For the next few years, our intention is to offer increasingly integrated communication and marketing services, both traditional and digital, keeping a slim structure, allowing us to rapidly aggregate new skills and services when necessary.

At this link, the interview given by our CEO on the occasion of the inauguration.

31 January 2019

From MuserBattle to DoubleTap, the itinerant talent show is back!

For the third consecutive year, Theoria manages the communication of the DoubleTap contest-tour, by promoting the initiative on national and local media.

Technology leader Huawei, who strongly believed in this project, was the Title Sponsor in the 2019 edition. The contest was born in 2017, when it was launched in Italy under the name of The Muser Battle: in only 3 years it has attracted a very huge audience: it is the only Italian itinerant event in which TikTok and Instagram users can perform live and show their talent on stage in the singing, dancing and video categories.

By turning the virtual world into a live experience, this event has given young people an opportunity to meet up with Instagram and TikTok talents, two of the most popular social platforms among teenagers.