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3 August 2020

Sustainable group travel: Theoria announces Huakai’s arrival in Italy

After conquering Spain, Huakai’s green holidays also seduce Italian Millennials.

The startup, which chose Theoria to announce its arrival on the Italian market, organizes Carbon Free group trips for people under 40, in order to reduce the environmental impact of tourists and create a community of responsible travelers.

Huakai was born in September 2019 from an idea of ​​Francesco Cerro from Madrid and Roberto Castelli from Le Marche who, after selling over 100 trips between December 2019 and February 2020, decide not to be stopped by the pandemic and land in Italy to propose a new way of travel, make friends and live unique experiences.

Huakai’s action travels combine exploration with adventure and, in addition to reducing the use of disposable plastic and working with providers with very high standards of respect for the environment, the startup has started to calculate the CO2 emissions generated for each trip and to compensate them by investing the equivalent in reforestation and clean energy generation projects.

For the future, the goal is to also target other European countries but always with a keen eye on sustainability, a fundamental aspect in every trip that is organized thanks to the B Corp certification.

Adventures on a sailing boat or in a kayak, high altitude trekking or trips to discover unique natural landscapes and cultural wonders, all respecting the environment and safety: with Huakai it is now possible!

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