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10 December 2020

The most “imbruttita” communication ever, signed by Theoria. Taaac!

After years of “sbatti”, for the Milanese Imbruttito, the right moment has come. It’s now time to show everyone who, and what is behind one of the most iconic and followed Italian entertainment brands.

In order to narrate its own strengths and evolution, Il Milanese Imbruttito has chosen Theoria – PR agency with the Milanese DNA, ça va sans dire. Because when it comes to business, no joke at all for Il Milanese. Over the years, Il Milanese Imbruttito has become a creative agency specialized in branding projects and content marketing, a landmark in the social entertainment field.

We finally got our agency. Taaac!
Theoria will be the perfect shoulder for Il Milanese Imbruttito in its communications, supporting the company with strategic consultancy on brand positioning and communication of the several initiatives that will be launched during the next months. New branded products will be launched soon too, some of them have already become a “status symbol” for all the “Imbruttiti” (that’s how we call the followers of Il Milanese Imbruttito), just like the newly released Christmas sweet “Pandoro del Giargiana”.

Milan l’è sempre un gran Milan! (Milan is always the great Milan!)
In 2013 Tommaso Pozza, Marco de Crescenzio and Federico Marisio created Il Milanese Imbruttito to ironically laugh at the hardest-working city of Italy. This is now a highly popular reality counting over 2,5M users on its different channels (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) and an average of over 1,5M views for each published video.

There’s more to Il Milanese Imbruttito than the creation and production of original digital content for its social media and website. Lots of collaborations with various brands were created to develop video and social campaigns that precisely target the client’s public to amplify their campaigns. Brands such as Bosch, Google, Facebook, Fiat, McDonald’s, Samsung, Sky, and Vodafone have collaborated with Il Milanese Imbruttito in the past year.

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