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11 June 2020

Theoria communicates the People Experience at the center of Glickon’s business

Glickon chooses Theoria’s Simple Complexity approach and relies on the strategic advice of the agency for the management of communication to the Media and the strengthening of brand awareness in Italy.


Glickon: Simplify human experience

Glickon is a tech company with offices in Milan and London dedicated to the world of HR founded in 2014 by Filippo Negri, Matteo Corte, Matteo Bersanelli and Davide Griffon. Its mission is expressed in the high added value services for HR that are aimed at improving, through gamification and data analytics processes, the search and selection of candidates and, ultimately, the experience of employees within organizations.

The basis of the communication that Theoria will develop for the leading company in People Experience is the fundamental values ​​of Glickon, which make the difference by helping to keep the focus on an ambitious mission: to make people and organizations better at their most important work. These values ​​include the excellence and quality of the work done for each customer, the constant creativity and innovation that allow us to be ‘challengers’, who challenge themselves and others on a daily basis to become better by actively helping customers, and above all ‘accountable’, trustworthy and always committed to keeping their promises.

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