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9 April 2020

Theoria embraces and coordinates the #unastoriadiversa project: the initiative that wants to give smiles and hope in this difficult moment

Theoria starts a new adventure and embraces the #unastoriadiversa initiative. The project involved a team of web designers, social experts, creatives, freelance journalists and photographers who worked in a very short time to create a small island of serenity online where only beautiful stories can be found.

Born from an idea of ​​the Marketing & Digital Specialist Salvatore Ducato, founder of the Italian digital agency Nova Strategy, and supervised by Theoria, #unastoriadiversa project becomes reality through the website www.unastoriadiversa.it and on a Facebook page and collects only the positive stories on the Coronavirus emergency.

In the daily hammering of worrying news about the pandemic, #unastoriadiversa wants to give everyone hope and smiles, highlighting the beauty that can be born also in the difficult period we are all experiencing thanks to the solidarity of normal people and companies. These are special stories and events found on authoritative sources, which tell of generosity, support among people, concrete help from companies. The initiative has no commercial purpose and all those who have worked on it have done so completely free of charge.

Some non-professional photographers also joined the #unastoriadiversa initiative with great enthusiasm, and, from Italy and abroad, they made their photos available free of charge to accompany the stories presented on the website.

The stories featured on unastoriadiversa.it have been organized into 4 categories, which correspond to 4 actions currently interrupted and that are missing to all of us: kisses, hugs, meetings and even smiles, now hidden under the masks:

Baci tells stories of everyday life, moments of sharing that make everyone feel closer despite the distances. We are isolated in our homes, but small and large acts of heroism make us feel part of a whole.

Abbracci focuses on solidarity stories, which are many but are often lost in the daily tsunami of alarming news: from gestures of attention towards the neighbor or more fragile strangers to donations.

Smiles brings together the most curious news, able to give us a moment of good humor. Like that of the 80-year-old husband who takes care of his wife’s hair, revealing to the world a love story that began a very long time ago…

Incontri is the section dedicated to the initiatives of companies: fortunately, there are many more or less well-known brands that started giving their contribution of solidarity. Here we will collect the less known stories.

There is also no lack of space for charitable initiatives. The #unastoriadiversa team carefully selects the most relevant and serious initiatives every day, publishing direct links so that every reader can choose their preferred charity. These banners are also published entirely free of charge: no gain will be received. The only purpose is the amplification of beneficial initiatives.

#unastoriadiversa because nothing will ever be the same again, but also because, all together, we will be able to build a different story, founded – why not? – on people’s good hearts. Who does not want a more peaceful life based on shared values ​​such as friendship, solidarity, support for minorities and the ‘different’ of any kind? Why don’t we begin to consider ourselves all different and special, protagonists of a new world less tied to having and more attentive to being? This could be #unastoriadiversa. The most beautiful of all.


Salvatore Ducato, Marketing & Digital Specialist and founder of the Italian digital agency Nova Strategy

Antonio Copiello, Webmaster

Ilaria Perretta, Graphic Designer

Matilde Geraci, freelance journalist

Sabina Baccaro, Senior Account Theoria

Photos: Giancarlo Zorzetto @gicizor, Luigi Stranieri @ klunk22, Laura Gramantieri @laurinogram, António Fonseca @tozzzze, Renzo P., Paolo Marabini @ paolomarabini65, Riccardo Zorzi, Antonella Milone @milonetta

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Facebook: @unastoriadiversa.it

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