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1 October 2020

Theoria launches LIVEready for virtual events that are more real than reality itself

After months of a full stop, some companies are shyly restarting with in-person events. Anyway, the new security rules and the social distancing imposed by the “Covid Era” are making event organization and execution quite hard. Avoiding gatherings, wearing masks, reorganizing spaces, renting bigger (and more expensive) locations for smaller events, following certified protocols… this is the new normal of the just-restarted events.

A lot of companies have so decided to postpone to the future their return to in-presence events, even though for brands stopping directly communicating to their audiences is very risky, especially in a moment like the one we are living.

Theoria is conscious of the importance for companies to continue involving and touching their audiences through valuable content. That’s why it presents its LIVEready, a new format for virtual events that are more real than reality itself.

With the help of specialized partners, with LIVEready Theoria realizes virtual events which can preserve the brand image with a mix of:

  • technology (audio, video, lights, and streaming) powerful and up to date
  • flexible and customizable set
  • proper content (according to the media used) and event directing

With 20 years of experience in events and communication, Theoria launches its new event format, capable of:

  • adjusting contents to the online fruibility mode (very different from what happened with in-person events)
  • setting an agenda and a virtual spectacularity specifically designed to maintain public’s attention constantly high


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