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3 July 2020

Touchpoint Awards Engagement 2020: Theoria wins with #unastoriadiversa

An initiative born in the midst of the Coronavirus emergency with the aim of giving a smile and hope in a difficult moment.

A small island of serenity online where only beautiful and special stories of solidarity, generosity and closeness find space.

This is the winning idea behind #unastoriadiversa which triumphed in the “Digital PR and Social Media Relation” category at the very first edition of the Touchpoint Awards / Engagement 2020 organized by Oltre La Media Group.

A project that Theoria wanted to embrace from the first moment, coordinating a team of web designers, social experts, creatives, freelance journalists and photographers who worked at a distance in record time to tell a different story.

The award ceremony, conducted by two exceptionally talented artists, Ale and Franz, was broadcast live on 2 July and viewers were able to vote their favourite project among the 15 awarded by a jury of experts.

Thanks to the public vote, #unastoriadiversa climbed onto the podium, also winning third place overall among all the winning projects.

Born from the idea of ​​the Marketing & Digital Specialist Salvatore Ducato, founder of the Italian digital agency Nova Strategy and with the coordination of Theoria, the #unastoriadiversa project materialized on the website www.unastoriadiversa.it, on the page and in the Facebook Community, where beautiful stories that warm the heart continue to be told today.



Salvatore Ducato, Marketing & Digital Specialist and founder of the Italian digital agency Nova Strategy

Antonio Copiello, Webmaster

Ilaria Perretta, Graphic Designer

Matilde Geraci, freelance journalist

Sabina Baccaro, Senior Account Theoria

Photos: Giancarlo Zorzetto @gicizor, Luigi Stranieri @ klunk22, Laura Gramantieri @laurinogram, Renzo P., Paolo Marabini @ paolomarabini65, Riccardo Zorzi, Antonella Milone @ milonetta, Giancarlo Colombo @photocolombo


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