3 July 2020

Touchpoint Awards Engagement 2020: Theoria wins with #unastoriadiversa

An initiative born in the midst of the Coronavirus emergency with the aim of giving a smile and hope in a difficult moment.

A small island of serenity online where only beautiful and special stories of solidarity, generosity and closeness find space.

This is the winning idea behind #unastoriadiversa which triumphed in the “Digital PR and Social Media Relation” category at the very first edition of the Touchpoint Awards / Engagement 2020 organized by Oltre La Media Group.

A project that Theoria wanted to embrace from the first moment, coordinating a team of web designers, social experts, creatives, freelance journalists and photographers who worked at a distance in record time to tell a different story.

The award ceremony, conducted by two exceptionally talented artists, Ale and Franz, was broadcast live on 2 July and viewers were able to vote their favourite project among the 15 awarded by a jury of experts.

Thanks to the public vote, #unastoriadiversa climbed onto the podium, also winning third place overall among all the winning projects.

Born from the idea of ​​the Marketing & Digital Specialist Salvatore Ducato, founder of the Italian digital agency Nova Strategy and with the coordination of Theoria, the #unastoriadiversa project materialized on the website www.unastoriadiversa.it, on the page and in the Facebook Community, where beautiful stories that warm the heart continue to be told today.



Salvatore Ducato, Marketing & Digital Specialist and founder of the Italian digital agency Nova Strategy

Antonio Copiello, Webmaster

Ilaria Perretta, Graphic Designer

Matilde Geraci, freelance journalist

Sabina Baccaro, Senior Account Theoria

Photos: Giancarlo Zorzetto @gicizor, Luigi Stranieri @ klunk22, Laura Gramantieri @laurinogram, Renzo P., Paolo Marabini @ paolomarabini65, Riccardo Zorzi, Antonella Milone @ milonetta, Giancarlo Colombo @photocolombo


26 June 2020

Green holidays on two wheels: the launch of Rent&Fit passes through Theoria

Still undecided about what kind of vacation to choose for this Summer? In your help here comes Rent&Fit, which has chosen to entrust Theoria with the media communication of its launch on the Italian market.

According to the Isnart-Legambiente Report, in 2019 over 20 million people in Italy have travelled by bicycle and numbers are going to grow – also because the health emergency has renewed the love for the two wheels. From the e-bike to the traditional one, the bike is an ecological, healthy and low-contact means of transport, which allows you to be outdoors, safeguarding safety, health and physical fitness.

To respond to the desire for increasingly sustainable and safe travel – especially in the first post-Covid-19 Summer! -, here it is: Rent&Fit, the only 100% made in Italy platform entirely dedicated to bicycle rental that supports green mobility, both on vacation and in the city.

Founded by Pierluigi Casolari and Marco Donadelli, Rent&Fit connects selected bicycle rental companies, including specialized shops and accommodation facilities that offer the rental service, and users, from those who travel by bike in the city for medium-long journeys, to occasional cyclists and those who want to try the latest downhill model for just 24 hours or even for longer periods.

Rent&Fit is an innovative startup with a social vocation, which looks at both the environmental impact, offering green and social means of transport, and the social impact, exploiting digital innovation to support local businesses and economy.

The service is already active in Trentino Alto Adige, Lombardia and Veneto, which together intercept over 50% of the cycling tourism movement in Italy. Rent&Fit will be available soon in other Italian regions and aims at expanding abroad soon, also thanks to the crowdfunding campaign promoted on Intesa Sanpaolo’s BacktoWork24.



17 June 2020

Italian cuisine in the world. The Al.ta Cucina food community communicates with Theoria

Another new entry among Theoria’s accounts: Al.ta Cucina also chooses Theoria’s strategic consultancy for communication to the Media and the strengthening of its brand awareness.

Al.ta Cucina: Italians Do Eat Better
With a follower base of over 4 million people and 1 billion organic views, Al.ta Cucina is a multi-channel mediatech brand that brings Italian cuisine to the world. This startup founded by Alessandro Tartaglia and Simone Mascagni in 2016 is today one of the largest food communities on major social platforms where the protagonists are the video recipes that explain, in less than 1 minute, how to replicate each dish of Italian cuisine.

11 June 2020

Theoria communicates the People Experience at the center of Glickon’s business

Glickon chooses Theoria’s Simple Complexity approach and relies on the strategic advice of the agency for the management of communication to the Media and the strengthening of brand awareness in Italy.


Glickon: Simplify human experience

Glickon is a tech company with offices in Milan and London dedicated to the world of HR founded in 2014 by Filippo Negri, Matteo Corte, Matteo Bersanelli and Davide Griffon. Its mission is expressed in the high added value services for HR that are aimed at improving, through gamification and data analytics processes, the search and selection of candidates and, ultimately, the experience of employees within organizations.

The basis of the communication that Theoria will develop for the leading company in People Experience is the fundamental values ​​of Glickon, which make the difference by helping to keep the focus on an ambitious mission: to make people and organizations better at their most important work. These values ​​include the excellence and quality of the work done for each customer, the constant creativity and innovation that allow us to be ‘challengers’, who challenge themselves and others on a daily basis to become better by actively helping customers, and above all ‘accountable’, trustworthy and always committed to keeping their promises.

27 May 2020

Communication at the time of Covid-19: Ansys relies on Theoria

Ansys is a global leader in multiphysics digital simulation.

On the occasion of the Coronavirus emergency, the company carried out several simulations on how the virus spreads among people with the aim of providing valuable support to the authorities of all countries in the fight against Covid-19.

Part of the project (that relating to runners) was developed in collaboration with Professor Bert Blocken of Eindhoven University of Technology.

Building on the recent and fruitful collaboration, Ansys turned to Theoria to give visibility to the initiative with interviews and articles in the main national newspapers.


The results achieved

In just 2 weeks, with the support of Theoria, the following were made:

  • an interview with Thierry Marchal, Ansys Global Industry Director for Healthcare, appeared on Business Insider (La Repubblica)
  • 4 stories published in the paramount national newspapers
  • several articles published in local newspapers with wide circulation


20 May 2020

Phase 2: how to support the return to normal. The restart initiatives communicated by Theoria

After two months of lockdown, Italy reopens and restarts, albeit with great attention to security. There are many projects put in place by brands and companies and also at Theoria we have communicated several virtuous initiatives launched by some of our customers to give a boost to the long-awaited restart.


Facebook: support for SMEs and fundraising

To support small businesses and keep them in touch with their customers, Facebook has launched merchant gift vouchers: people can thus support small businesses in their city participating in the initiative, through the announcement “Support local businesses” that appears in their Facebook feed. Payment of gift vouchers and vouchers will be made through partner sites.

The personal fundraising tool have been expanded to also allow businesses to start fundraising on Facebook – which can also be shared on Instagram – to support their activities and ask for support from their most loyal customers.


Instagram for home food deliveries

Instagram has launched the Home Food Orders. The purchase can be made via the “Order food” button in the restaurant profiles or the “Food orders” sticker in Stories. The person is then directed to the site of external partners (Deliveroo and UberEats for Italy) who deal with payments and deliveries.


TheFork supports restaurants

According to Nomisma’s Lockdown Observatory, going to dinner at the restaurant is one of the main wishes to be fulfilled after the quarantine. For this reason, TheFork has launched the campaign “Save the restaurants”, thanks to which users can buy “dining bonds” – also known as prepaid vouchers – at hundreds of restaurants on the platform who have decided to offer them directly from the application and from the TheFork website.


Loyaltek and Paynovate Unity Card

To offer citizens the necessary and rapid financial support, Loyaltek and Paynovate have joined together in a proposal aimed at political leaders, developing the Unity Card. A debit card limited for use in a specific geographical area (for example a Municipality), as well as a certain type of pre-established shops or activities, in this case those that were forced to close during the health crisis: hotels, restaurants, bars, hairdressers, do-it-yourself shops, clothing stores. The Unity Card can have a variable value established by each municipality and works like a normal debit card. This solution thus provides for the needs of the community, allowing citizens to make purchases from local merchants who have suffered the most from the impact of the health emergency.


Houses and holidays: the point of the situation of Casa.it and Pitchup

In this period of life inside our houses, living at home every day has brought out new needs. According to research conducted by Casa.it, Coronavirus did not change the intention of most people to look for a home. Indeed, after this lockdown period and after the initial shock and concern due to great uncertainty about the future, as many as 17% of people are even more convinced of buying a house.

However, methods are changing: requests for visits to homes online, virtually, are increasing. And above all, the characteristics of the house change: garden, terrace and brightness win over the need to have a bigger house and to have a balcony. Also rediscovered the importance of having 2 or more bathrooms, a kitchen, proximity to the supermarket, the presence of spaces for remote working, a study up to the soundproofing.

The desire to be outdoors is clear: a desire always confirmed by Casa.it data. The requests for rental houses with swimming pools for summer have even quadrupled. At the top of the list of places: Palermo, Santa Margherita Ligure and Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany. Houses with gardens are also very popular and user searches on Casa.it have doubled in Veneto, Campania and Lazio.

Same trend for camping holidays. This is confirmed by the data of Pitchup – the main portal in Europe for booking outdoor holidays – which, among other things, see a 138% growth in demand for new memberships to the network from Italian structures.

Sea, mountain or lake? In the first place of the research there are camping sites located on the sea or a short distance away (45.1%), followed by the lake (31.7%), the mountain (13.3%) and finally by cities of art such as Florence, Pisa and Rome (9.9%).

5 May 2020

#unastoriadiversa: the numbers of success

Over 1700 users and more than 5000 page views for the website, more than 1100 likes for the Facebook page in less than a month after its launch and over 500 members two weeks after the opening of the community. These are the numbers of the initiative that is spreading hope and poetry during this difficult moment

Less than a month after its launch, #unastoriadiversa, the project created by Marketing & Digital Specialist Salvatore Ducato, founder of the Italian digital agency Nova Strategy, and coordinated by public relations agency Theoria, has become a successful case study.

The merit goes to the creative idea that generated it: to oppose the spread of negative and worrying news related to the emergency that we have been experiencing for weeks, to bring everyone a note of hope, courage and confidence in the future. The crisis also had a positive side: it revealed the generosity and the spirit of solidarity of many people, not only the doctors and nurses on the front line, but also individuals, small and large companies, associations and institutions that wanted to give their contribution to others in this difficult moment.

Here are some numbers less than a month after the launch of the project:

the website: 1,700+ users, 2,300+ sessions, 5,000+ page/views

Facebook page: 1,100+ likes and 21,000+ post coverage

the Community: over 500 members in two weeks from the opening of the group

Donations, suspended grocery shopping, sending of medical material and free food to hospitals, free Easter eggs sent to the children by the Municipality, textile and fashion companies that have converted the production to create the much sought-after masks, but above all numerous, small gestures of solidarity at the local level that #unastoriadiversa has reported and continues to report every day, receiving a huge approval, underlined by the constant increase in interactions on the website and in the number of followers and discussions on Facebook.

Some examples of the most beautiful stories? Perhaps the most moving is that of a family who recreated a supermarket at home to allow their Alzheimer’s grandmother to relive the experience of going shopping and not making her feel isolated. But there are also stories that draw a smile, such as that of the 550 kg of clams donated to the Covid-Hospital of Jesolo as a sign of solidarity and closeness or that of the mayor of Saponara who dedicates good morning and goodnight poems to his fellow citizens.

But why did everybody like this nonprofit initiative so much?

Because unastoriadiversa.it website and its Facebook page have filled an empty space, the lack of positive news related to the emergency, showing that there is a need for hope in the world and there is an abundance of solidarity.

The good news, many, found from the most authoritative sources and presented in the unexpected categories Kisses, Hugs, Smiles and Meetings, involved an increasingly large audience, so much so as to push us to create on April 21 also a Facebook community, which would allow all to interact and propose beautiful stories directly.

#unastoriadiversa has focused on beauty and poetry that always help us face the dark moments of existence and come out stronger than ever. Aware of the value of our own life and of other people’s lives, without taking anything for granted anymore.


Salvatore Ducato, Marketing & Digital Specialist and founder of the Italian digital agency Nova Strategy

Antonio Copiello, Webmaster

Ilaria Perretta, Graphic Designer

Matilde Geraci, freelance journalist

Sabina Baccaro, Senior Account Theoria

Photos: Giancarlo Zorzetto @gicizor, Luigi Stranieri @ klunk22, Laura Gramantieri @laurinogram, Renzo P., Paolo Marabini @ paolomarabini65, Riccardo Zorzi, Antonella Milone @ milonetta, Giancarlo Colombo @photocolombo

Check it out!


@ unastoriadiversa.it

@Una Storia Diversa – La community

23 April 2020

Stress and sleep quality

Can sleep tell us how we are reacting to quarantine?

Theoria asked psychologist and psychotherapist Daniel Bulla, who in this new episode of Theoria Talks speaks to us of sleep as a thermometer of our stress level and of the signals to pay attention to in this difficult period.

Falling asleep, nighttime awakenings and the morning awakening phase are the three key moments to keep under control to evaluate (and protect) the quality of our sleep.

20 April 2020

How to manage children’s emotions and new fears

Psychologist and psychotherapist Ilenia Sussarellu makes a comeback as a guest of Theoria Talks and this time she explains how the grown-ups are facing old and new fears of children in this period of forced social isolation.

The enormous change produced by the Coronavirus emergency on the normal routine of the youngest children subjected to this unusual social isolation can have a series of effects on their serenity, some of them very evident, others rather silent.

Nightmares, crying, refusal of any kind of activity, hostile and aggressive behaviors, the appearance of tics or fears that did not exist before – such as the fear of death or contamination: how do adults react to the onset of these behaviors? Let’s find out together in the video below.